The official mascot


The official mascot of the Pro Loco of San Giovanni Valdarno is Leo Scheggia.

He was born by an idea of the Administration Council and realized by Pupazzia company of Milan (that has cured also the official one of the Olympic games of Turin 2006), Leo joins the tradition of the Marzocco, symbol of Florence and then given to San Giovanni, to blue and white colours that are the sporty symbol of San Giovanni. Here it is armed with a lilied shield like the Marzocco of Cavour Square, shirtless (in order to change clothes in special occasions like Christmas or sport races) and trousers that remind us of historical football players. Its eyesight is friendly and proud at the same time. The lion Leo, very appreciated by children, has done his first official appearance in occasion of the 2007 White Night, after the introduction to the press some days before.

The awarding of Rificolona and the entertainment of the youngest will be entrusted to him in many other manifestations and parties. From time to time his attendance to every event will be valued to the Administration Council of Pro Loco: however, our intention is that of involve him in as many parties as possible.

Welcome home, dear Leo!