From 1998 to today

The Pro Loco Association “Roberto Costagli” of San Giovanni Valdarno was born in 1998 in order to improve the city with cultural, social, touristic, traditional and economic initiatives. From 1998 the association is grown reaching and exceeding the fee of 300 members: moving on the inside of numerous festivities, the Pro Loco have implemented herself, always developing new projects. The current Council is in charge from May 2016 and will be renewed with the elections of 2019.
It is an association compound by citizens, mainly based on volunteering, that performs all these recreational, cultural and touristic activities finalized to the highest valorization of the place where it is situated, of its territory and its population. The annual membership begins in January at our office.
The venue of Pro Loco is also the tourist reference point of the entire Valdarno where all the offices of the neighboring commons refer in matter of tourism. In our office, as well as brochures of San Giovanni Valdarno and events, you will find all the tourist material produced by APT Arezzo, even with references to events in Florence.
The Pro Loco organizes events such as Rificolona, Perdono, Animals’ Blessing, Salacca, Antiquarian and Creative Arts markets and Christmas entertainment. It actively cooperates with the new Society of the Carnival and the Communal Administration to the main appointments of the Sangiovannese summer and of the whole year (such as the Palio of the Stew and the White Night) and with commercial associations every third Sunday of the month for the Natural Shopping Center’s days; it also cooperates with other associations of the territory to the organization of other activities, in addition to those already mentioned.

Opening hours

Our office is located in Piazza Cavour 3, San Giovanni Valdarno (AR).

Opening hours:

Monday, Tuesday Wednesday, Friday: 09:00 – 13:00
Thursday: 09:00 – 12:30 / 15:00 – 18:00
Saturday: 09:30 – 12:00
Closed on Sunday.

Board of Directors

PRESIDENT: Massimo Pellegrini

VICE PRESIDENT: Fabbrini Francesco

TREASURER: Silvio del Riccio

BOARD MEMBERS: Bernacchioni Rolando, Bonadio Angelo, Borri Claudio, Calamandrei Claudio, Cuccoli Annaliza, Gioli Chiara, Verniani Lapo, Zaini Paolo.